Alumni Theme Program - ATP

AIESEC Alumni Germany together with AIESEC Alumni Europe started the new Alumni Theme Programme in the tradition of AIESEC's Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential. The theme for 2018-2019 is 


Our idea is that alumni get involved, activate their networks and organize projects locally. We will inform you from time to time here, communicate ideas and call you to join in.


We have a KIVA loan team that provides microcredits for projects. We are more than 200 members and have invested more than 200.000 US$.
Come and join us: 


If you want to join or need further information, contact steffi.heucke(at)!

1. Alumni Theme Programme - 2015-2017: Intercultural collaboration - through education and sustainable economy


A first project has been the collaboration with Kiron. An educational institution that gives refugees the opportunity to bridge the gap between the studies in their home countries and their admission to study in Germany with taking part in online courses and taking exams. 

Four very engaged KIRON employees and students took part in the RhineCruise 2016 and talked about their experiences and projects. Together we developed collaboration ideas:

Ambassadors: AIESEC Alumni as Ambassadors of KIRON. Promoting KIRON and recruit further supporters.

Study hubs:
 support KIRON with spaces with suitable infrastructure where students can come together and study.

Mentoring: Include KIRON students in our mentoring programme.