Welcome to the AAG Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program gives you the opportunity to deepen your AIESEC experience through fostering interaction between alumni and active AIESECers. Since then, we successfully matched over xy AIESEC juniors with seniors and are contiously growing. 

Our goal is:
  • To offer AIESECers the best Mentoring experience
  • To have an impact on the next Generation
  • To foster Knowledge and Experience sharing
  • To build a bigger network in within the AIESEC community

To assure the best possible experience for everyone involved, the program offers a wide range of specific guiding recommendations on how to build a sustainable mentoring relationship and standardized, certified training for its mentors.

Would you like to participate?

For Mentees

What we expect:
  • Comittment
  • Proactive approach and communication
  • Have fun
What you get:
  • A trustful relationship with your Mentor
  • Guidance to improve yourself
  • An experienced and motivated Mentor

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For Mentors

You relish what AIESEC gave you, and want to give back? You love to share and to support others in their growth? Then become an mentor in the AAG Mentoring Program.

What we expect:
  • Comittment
  • Proactive communication 
  • Sharing of your experiences and learnings
What you get:
  • A comitted Mentee
  • To have an impact on the future generation
  • To reflect about your past learnings 

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Recommended Documents

Mentoring Template

GROW Model

Mentoring Guide

Our Mentees' Feedback

"The honest feedback I received from my mentor, including a healthy dose of professional and life experience, increased my awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me to work on them effectively."

"Through my mentor, I have access to a plethora of valuable experiences, and experienced an insightful change of perspective. Every conversation we had has been a great enrichment."

"My mentor coached me to think around the corner and see new opportunities where I wouldn't even have looked for them. I highly recommend you to use this potential."