Vision & Goals

Vision 2020

Making AIESEC a lifelong experience.


AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) is an integral part of the AIESEC Journey

  • At least 25% of the local AIESEC board members will become AAG members after their term
  • We increase the share of young alumni

AIESEC Alumni Germany has motivated members who are committed to the AIESEC Vision and who contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

  • There are at least 20 active mentor-mentee pairs
  • Every year we organize at least 8 AIESEC Alumni Talk events

AIESEC Alumni Germany is a sustainable association that supports AIESEC materially and immaterially

  • AIESEC Alumni Germany becomes the largest NGO sponsor of AIESEC Germany
  • In 2019, we will sponsor 15 exchanges with 200€ and 20 exchanges in 2020
  • We are constantly developing into the first carbon.neutral AIESEC Alumni association in the world
  • AIESEC Alumni Germany e.V. is financially and legally sustainable 


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